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Micro is the easiest way for creators to create and monetize online courses and ebooks.
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eBooks are the best way to make money as a creator

Once you write it, you can sell it an infinite number of times.

But they're a pain in the ass to make

You have to make a nice powerpoint presentation (who tf uses powerpoint anymore?) and it has to be hundreds of pages long... like a real book, you know?

Micro lets you turn any content into an ebook

Give it away for free, charge $50, or make people follow you to access it.

Ideal for any creator


Share your best workout routines, nutrition regimens, and other fitness tips.

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Share stock tips, home buying guides, and other personal finance advice.

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Everything else

Whether you're a makeup influencer, a musician or a tech newsletter writer, there's probably a Micro you should be making for your audience.

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Check out these examples

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The Daily Micro

50+ summaries of the best essays in tech and business sent to you one at a time via SMS every weekday for only $10.

How To Use Twitter, Volume 1

45 pages of the advice from influencers and rising stars on how to growth an audience, expand your thinking, and meet amazing people on twitter.
Part 1 of a multi-part series.

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